It’s powered by process mining and specially designed for healthcare.

What it offers

The main purpose of PM4H is to give you a full picture of your processes in the form of Interactive Process Indicators (IPIs)

  • IPIs allow the expert to navigate behind the model discovering the features and specificities of the process
  • IPIs are not only numbers but enriched KPIs that provide a human-understandable view
  • IPIs support the expert in the better perception of the processes for an advanced assessment

How it works

PM4H methodology encourages digital health transformation to elevate the value chain by involving health professionals in the analysis process

  • Culture. People are not used to introducing new ways to work into their organizations. Culture change is a key aspect of adopting data analytics tools. PM4H proposes a methodology in which this change is carried out smoothly.
  • Lack of skilled professionals. Many organisations lack talent related to data analytics. PM4H trains professionals gradually without requiring a special effort.

What a datarodeo is

It’s difficult to get insights out of a huge lump of data. Technicians and health experts have their own expertise but don’t understand each other. PM4H solves this problem with datarodeos, in which these experts fine-tune together PM4H software to align both worlds, but also resolving other problems like

  • Privacy concerns. Data related to patient’s health should be carefully managed, constructing resilient medical technology ecosystems to avoid privacy issues. PM4H consumes data at the health organizations premises, assuring its security.
  • Data quality. Data quality must be assured to obtain meaningful output after the analysis.  PM4H has the means to deal with this problem in record time.

PM4H Introduction

Introduction about what the technology behind can offer to your organisation

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PM4H Methodology

Digital transformation of health organizations is usually a nightmare, where not always all people agree on adopting a disruptive change. PM4H contributes to making this process smoothly at the same time that the professionals get ready to start using the PM4H software

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What is a datarodeo?

There are solutions in the market that try to fit different health data, but the reality is that it is not easy to be understood the case by the technician or the tool cannot do this customization properly. PM4H solves this problem with datarodeos sessions, in which technicians and health experts configure together PM4H software to meet the needs

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What does PM4H dashboard offer?

Then, when the software is ready, it can be used by the clinical staff and enjoy!

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