Jose Luis Bayo Montón

Qualified as an I.T. Engineer at Valencia Polytechnic University in 2002. Since December 2000 he has been carrying out work on research, development and management of national and European projects concerning healthcare within the SABIEN group. As a researcher, he has performed work on integration and standardisation of communication protocols with medical sensors. He is a certified HL7v3, HL7 CDA R2 and HL7v2.5/2.6. He defines and develops software platforms and architecture for supplying health services, geared towards use by health professionals as well as to telemedicine and patient self-care. He develops and improves tools for implementation of process mining and the integration of processes using process choreography tools. He has participated in many European projects such as VERITAS, HeartCycle, Persona, MyHeart, PIPS, SENSATION, HEALTHY MARKET, CARE-PATHS, HEALTH-MATE, and CONFIDENT, as well as on various national projects such as BloqueQuirúrgico, TEDACE, FASyS, CMA, and PISTA CABLE.