eMotiva is a spanish funded project that was conceived for providing techniques that support the diagnosis and treatment of dementia patients. In this project, our lab created a Process Mining system that measure the behaviour change of the patient by using Process Discovery and conformance techniques.

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eMOTIVA is a tool of the ‘Internet of the future’, which creates a synergy between the doctors and those elderly persons with cognitive decline caused by illness associated with dementia, in order to encourage social inclusion as a therapeutic method, thanks to the use of digital content as a response to behavioural disorders.

eMOTIVA is a project conceived for the motivation and monitoring of people with dementia in homes, financed through the Avanza Plan of the Ministry of Industry. The consortium is made up of the Spanish Society of Doctors in Homes (SEMER), the Universitat Politecnica de Valencia and the companies TSB and Microart. 

The project aim is for the integration and testing of the necessary infrastructure, for the monitoring and motivation of people with dementia in institutions.

The infrastructure will allow for the detection of behavioural patterns, such as those linked to possible disorders, and provide the mechanisms for personalised motivation. Current good practices in the care of the elderly are based on the stimulation and maintenance of cognitive processes.

The objects of the project are as follows:

  • To create multimedia and innovative motivational tools, which will positively influence the attitude and behaviour of the person with dementia, thereby alleviating the degenerative process.
  • To create an Intelligent Environment in order to monitor those people in institutions suffering from dementia.
  • To create a network infrastructure of sensors and actuators, using radio interfaces of low consumption, which will facilitate the interconnection of the monitoring and motivational gadgets.
  • To provide intelligent tools for the analysis, design and detection of behavioural patterns in those suffering from dementia.
  • To test the system with the tools developed in 2 pilot schemes, in those homes where doctors from the SEMER (Spanish Society for Doctors in Homes) are working.