PATHWAYS was a project focused on teaching managers and clinicians in the use of PM4H. The course was split into three phases: 1) half-day workshop in which the benefits and techniques were introduced, 2) hands-on remote sessions, where the professionals got familiar with the techniques and 3) a final phase where the professionals used their own data in a final work to find first insights and evidence.

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PATHWAYS is a campus project aiming to teach health and non-health professionals in the use of Process Mining techniques.

PATHWAYS is an innovative education project in the focus area of value data in clinical and non-clinical settings to test digital tools based in Process Mining (PM) technology to health care professionals. Clinical processes are monitored by each clinical speciality; there is a need for having a comprehensive follow-up of the patient trajectory. PM involves methods that fit with this unmet need and defines a framework to perform reliable traceability and assessment of clinical and managerial processes. Specifically:

  • Train healthcare professionals in the use of PM tools and techniques; involve them in posing questions, methodologies and providing its medical/professional knowledge to analyze clinical processes.
  • Use an intuitive web-based framework for PM and test with real data the potential to create new valuable information from Big Data.
  • Disseminate best practices for improving the accuracy and efficacy of data value technologies in Healthcare.