Interactive Process Mining in Healthcare book is coming soon

PM4H team, worldwide experts in Process Mining and other relevant collaborators have written Interactive Process Mining in Healthcare book

The book will go on sale later this year.

  • Provides analysis of real cases for illustrating the application of interactive process mining in medicine
  • Includes a compendium of tutorials, techniques and learning-oriented features
  • Uses an interactive medical focus to involve the medical expert avoiding the black box effect of classical approaches

This book provides a practically applicable guide to the methodologies and technologies for the application of interactive process mining paradigm. Case studies are presented where this paradigm has been successfully applied in emergency medicine, surgery processes, human behaviour modelling, strokes and outpatients’ services, enabling the reader to develop a deep understanding of how to apply process mining technologies in healthcare to support them in inferring new knowledge from past actions, and providing accurate and personalised knowledge to improve their future clinical decision-making. Interactive Process Mining in Healthcare comprehensively covers how machine learning algorithms can be utilised to create real scientific evidence to improve daily healthcare protocols, and is a valuable resource for a variety of health professionals seeking to develop new methods to improve their clinical decision-making.

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