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PM4H around the world

Thanks to PATHWAYS project, IPM word has been spread around Europe during 2019. The first workshop took place on 16th April in Valencia (Spain) in the Hospital Universitario Doctor Peset, with 19 participants.

Due to the special interest of the manager of the hospital in the tool, it was organized an especial edition of the workshop for managers, directors, and heads. The aim of this session was to highlight the added value of the tool and the benefits for the hospital. Because of the geographical proximity and the collaboration between several units and professionals with the Consorci Hospital General Universitario de Valencia, it was also organized a new edition of the workshop in this hospital on 24th May.

One week before, on 17th May, another workshop took place in the premises of the Hospital da Universidade de Coimbra (Portugal), in which 26 people participated. The workshop raised a considerable awareness and interest of the Portuguese Hospital Managers community who invited the PATHWAYS consortium to organise a similar workshop in Lisbon at the Associação Portuguesa de Administradores Hospitalares.

Since this association is present at the national level in Portugal, they wanted to bring the opportunity to know more about PM technologies applied to health to their contact network. Albeit it was the first contact, many of the assistants expressed their interest in continuing using this technology. This edition took place on 29th October in Lisbon.

Sweden was also another of the countries that welcome one of the editions of PATHWAYS workshop. In this case, it was on 10th June at Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm, and where several datarodeos were carried out in order to complete the training of the participants. The last workshop of the year was Fundación San Juan de Dios that took place on 12th December in León (Spain). They were interested in applying IPM in the hospital to improve the hip break process, but due to CoVid-19 it was postponed and this process is still ongoing.

In addition to the workshops, it was organized a seminar in October, in Stockholm for the students enrolled in the Medical Informatics Communication Systems course in the program master offered in the Royal Institutet of Technology. Besides, an evangelization event was also organized in Stockholm on 25th November, but this time at the premises of the New Karolinska Solna.